A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

An open-source reimplementation of the most famous civilization-building game ever - fast, small, no ads, free forever!

Build your civilization, research technologies, expand your cities and defeat your foes!

Requests? Bugs? Grok Kotlin? Todo list for the application is https://github.com/yairm210/Unciv/issues - every small help is welcome!

Questions? Comments? Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/bjrB4Xw ;)

The world awaits! Will you build your civilization into an empire that will stand the test of time?


unciv-windows64.zip 90 MB
Version 4.9.4 3 days ago
unciv-windows32.zip 79 MB
Version 4.2.12 Oct 05, 2022
unciv-linux32.zip 73 MB
Version 3.14.2 Apr 18, 2021
unciv-linux64.zip 90 MB
Version 4.9.4 3 days ago

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Excelente juego. Aunque quisiera que la versión de 32 bits sea actualizada, y espero ver este juego crecer muchísimo, es muy simple pero a la vez muy complejo, je je.


me sale un bug con los mods y la religión. ¿Por qué se fue el botón de deshabilitar la religión?. soy fan de el juego.. 


Me encata este juego espero que se siga actulizando




There is a specific glitch in the game. Whenever you make the workers build something and click on "Next unit", it shows the same worker that you assigned. Not only that but if you move him somewhere else, another worker spawns. While it might be a pretty good exploit, it rises the unit penalty up to -70%. It got to a point where I had 5 units at the start of the game. Please fix,

Agree with you, I back on a lastest version for wait.

I would like to know more about the mods to this game - ecpecially graphics and layout mods. There is no information on this in the game. Thank you for a nice game.

I Played this on android for a while

version 4.7.5

city view isn't showing on double click, also can't adopt plocies 

Yo the tutorial is confusing me mostly the construct a improvement on a tile to build a farm 

You have to use the worker unit to build a farm, but if there is jungle or forest, you have to remove those first, and those require research.

very good game! it's simple, relaxing, and doesn't take up storage! also I like the map maker :D


I only discovered this yesterday and I'm already hooked. Thanks, you're a legend; not only is it more streamlined than actual Civ 5, it plays so much more fluidly as well. 

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Buen juego


Game crashes with an error


/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found


Error code [126] when trying to load jvm.dll: Module not found.

Error: failed to load VM runtime library!

Do you know the game c-evo?

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This game is literally Civilization for broke people, and that's why I love it and why I love you. My poor laptop could never handle the graphics of the original series nor do I have the money to buy, and I really hope Steam accepts this game soon! Wishlist this on Steam, people!!!

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Historica ruleset in mods adds much more content im just discovering, get it for more fleshed out policies and techs :)

mods no save. :(


This game is amazing, it's just like civilization, except it's right on my phone. You did a very good job with this game. I left a 5/5 rating on the playstore because this game is super cool.

Anyone of the  civs play like Shoshone?  Aggressive border growth + defensive bonus?


i honestly rather play this game than civ


I don't know why, but if I download a mod or save my gameplay, nothing is saved

The current state of any of your game after each turn is automatically saved.

The save option saves the current state of a game in a file. To load it, use the load option and choose the file where you saved your game.


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use itch.io to avoid that.




Owned this on mobile since it first came out. I can't  praise it enough for being what it is. Keep being awesome all who made it possible.


I love this game, true free game, and it runs very well in my "potato" laptop. Core i3-7020U, Intel Graphics HD620, 4GB RAM DDR4-2133MHz, Windows 10 Home 64 bit and a traditional (and very slow) Hard Disk Toshiba. I can recommend for several PCs older or weaker than my laptop, unless your PC is a "very-true-potato". I am waiting for Steam release and I also play it in my smartphone Android 11, without ads, nor in-app purchases.

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the game already has no ads or no in-app purchases and open source


Amazing game, my friend showed it to me, and I'm addicted. Keep up the good work!

You can play multiplayer games also.


This game is fucking awesome, probably the best free strategy game on mobile and pc


Exe file is not running, please help

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You must run the jar file.

In Windows, you have to extract the zip, open the unzipped folder and open the exe file, and the game will start.

Alternatively, you can also install Java on your system and just use jar files to play.

The zipped version already have java in it so the exe file works.


What about a Mac version?

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Edit: Looks like you can install it on your Mac via this guide -> https://yairm210.github.io/Unciv/Other/Installing-on-macOS/


Thank you! It works!


Ich benutze MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit.

Die 32bit-Version für Linux funktioniert bei mir nicht. 

Aber schlimmer noch:

Auch die 32 bit MS-Windows-Version lässt sich nicht 

mittels Wine starten.

Deleted post

guys how do you get it on full screen because ı can't even play it

Which system are you trying to play the game on?


oh okay i already fixed it


So cleared a couple games (lost on each, Civ rust is real) and boi, I've been missing some Civ 5 lately.

Can't do much but leave a like, good work mate.

You can try Multiplayer.


So good. Spent hours on it and dont want to put it down.

You can also try Multiplayer.

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I love this game a lot. It is one of the best games I've ever played. I've spent many hours on it. Believe me even I hurt my eyes due to long playing. I really appreciate the work and more importantly it is really free without ads. 

However, if there are a few things this game can become better I would say, based on my experience, can it be done in such a way that I can easily bombard the enemy units near my cities. And is it possible to make tile yields look smaller because they cover resources and tile types. It causes difficulties when finding information on those tiles. I don't know this is alright but it would be more fun if I can trade with city-states (rather than conquering them and taking all the resources they have hahaha) and the last thing sleep command should stop computer from checking on unit especially when i have a lot bombers in cities it is a little tedious to press a lot spacebar or if there is a setting that can help me with that please give me a light.

I believe this game is as good as it is. If you cannot change anything i mentioned, it would still be fine. I still enjoy the game very much.


I love the game and for me, it's a whole new world that I'm yet to explore fully.


Today my antivirus gave me a message saying it blocked the app as it detected an IDP.Generic. I've tried downloading the game but I still have the issue, and I didn't have the problem when I first downloaded the game (just over a week ago). Can anyone help?

Really weird, the game is completely open source so it being flagged by an anti-virus is unlikely. Never heard anything like this before in the community.

Regardless, you can play the game by installing Java from here: https://adoptium.net/temurin/releases/ (Choose any JRE with Java 8 or above)

Restart your System.

and then download the JAR file for the game from here: https://github.com/yairm210/Unciv/releases/latest

And then double clicking the JAR file will start the game.


Games starts lagging to unplayable levels without mods which is a major problem...


I've ran into that. It turns out that the problem was with how my kindles OS hogs resources and keeps a million programs running in background. Which combined to create an unstable pplatform. Try parking a bunch of stuff that doesn't need to be hanging around in standby mode.

 Also you haven't given any info about: the number of competing nations and nation states; the size of the map; what your system is; how many turns in you were when your system became unstable; exactly wtf is lagging, (eg. While the computer players are taking their turns, to calculate auto moves,) ; which animations you have turned on; are you playing multiplayer or single; how old your device is, etc.


i figured it out with your reply, thanks!


Glad to help. I had a lot of frustration when I was playing on my old pad. I love long games in huge worlds with  and even with only two or three opponents I would get ANRs  very frequently by the time I was two or three hundred turns in. Especially when the game auto saved. 

The game has been optimized a lot in recent months. Give it a try again and I hope that the lagging issues are solved.


A lot of work was probably put into the game, but unfortunately almost nothing works. It feels like a very early beta version.

e.g. "0/2 units" are displayed at the bottom left, but although there are 2 units, the left/right arrows don't work to switch between units. OK: Once in a while the arrows work, but only for one run. 

Or the tutorial: hardly any of the actions described work. Either you have to call up a city menu, which you can't find, or you are supposed to choose "found a city" and you can actually find this command! - but of course you can't activate it.

But to sum up: even the first 3 minutes are very disappointing...


Ah, check menu-civilopedia for more tutorials. For that white arrorw, that is your ‘movement points', telling you how many ’steps' can you move in that turn.

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I'm confused by your apparent problems as I've just started playing this too and had no problems at all, the arrows switch between units you haven't seen before and it assumes that you don't want them to do anything if you skip past them... just like Civi|isation does it; as for the tutorial I followed it to the letter and had no problems at all (if anything it was a little too fast but maybe it was because my first city was  far from a lot of stuff it assumed was around *shrug* - I started a random large map so that's on me!

[Edit: Have you played the civi|isation computer games series before? I've as much experience with the board game as the computer game... I don't know how that changes things but the board game interface is... intricate ;) :P


I do not face any of these problems.


No idea what you are on about. Try using Logic...


I think it’s possible to add a naming system specifically for units and support renaming.


You can always do this in the 'promote'


Absolutely amazing I love it :D

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