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It took me 65 hours and 303 turns until I reached year 2023. 

When I started. I ruled a small Byzantian city of Konstantinopolis, far fromeveryone and isolated on coast with no friends and weak worker and one soldier.

Humble beggining was only an prelude to a great spectacle historyof fictional, yet very intense world. History filled with wars, betrayal, fake alliances etc. At first, it seemed like all other nations and state cities were laughing at me. If they knew what was coming at them, they would probably be better prepared. 

But they weren't, so their doom was inevitable. It didn't matter how long it  would take, how much it will cost, how many people will die. Byzanc Empire set its only goal: Conquer Everything. 

What helped to achieve this, was creation of friendly and trade wanting fake facade, before stabbing everyone  into back with brute force. And when it was too late. Last standing nations thought, that if they make alliance, it would protect them. But inside empire, something changed. From inside, by mind of its leaders, it became a never-stopping, ever-hungry growing power of force. Becaming too paranoid, although never being attacked first. When time came and no one, except two last state cities were still free and thinking war is over. Though they can estabilish trade and survive. Proved were they wrong.

Their uphold was short, as by that time empire was unstoppable by any means of power, technology and wealth. By just swing of a finger, a week long massacre have destroyed both last free city states. Onward to eternal glory and rising to stars continued The Great Byzantine Empire (and succesfully adopted communism). 

Anyway, I love this game.


Let us donate to the cause, friend. We can't add free games to our Itch libraries, but an optional donation lets you!


Found this on F-Droid, opened and stumbled across this game again on my recommended feed. Google is tracking me, big tech is watching me, I need help and I am going insane.


It's not a game, it's a masterpiece:) Developers, you are the best, I adore you:)


Excellent game!

I don't know English, does the game support Chinese

yes, go to "options" -> "language"


A great game. I played and modded Civ-5 for a while but I switched to UNCIV because modding is much easier and it also runs on Android. The general game works well - all the main features are place. Not all features of the "Gods & Kings" expansion are implemented, yet. But the game development makes good progress (for a free, non-profit, open-source game). There are several great mods for this, different graphic sets for units and terrain. The AI is usually better than that of Civ-5. The game is mostly bug-free and if you find a bug, it is usually fixed pretty quickly.

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Yairm, I see that the 32 bit version of Unciv are quite behind :/ honestly I feel that my avenues of gaming have shut down lately due to most games(that I liked beforehand) are 64 bit. Don’t want to pressure you to update a year old version though.

From a 32 bit loser


que necesito para jugar el juego e descargado el archivo y no puedo jugarlo






Excelente juego. Aunque quisiera que la versión de 32 bits sea actualizada, y espero ver este juego crecer muchísimo, es muy simple pero a la vez muy complejo, je je.


me sale un bug con los mods y la religión. ¿Por qué se fue el botón de deshabilitar la religión?. soy fan de el juego.. 


Me encata este juego espero que se siga actulizando




There is a specific glitch in the game. Whenever you make the workers build something and click on "Next unit", it shows the same worker that you assigned. Not only that but if you move him somewhere else, another worker spawns. While it might be a pretty good exploit, it rises the unit penalty up to -70%. It got to a point where I had 5 units at the start of the game. Please fix,

Agree with you, I back on a lastest version for wait.

I would like to know more about the mods to this game - ecpecially graphics and layout mods. There is no information on this in the game. Thank you for a nice game.

I Played this on android for a while

version 4.7.5

city view isn't showing on double click, also can't adopt plocies 

Yo the tutorial is confusing me mostly the construct a improvement on a tile to build a farm 

You have to use the worker unit to build a farm, but if there is jungle or forest, you have to remove those first, and those require research.


very good game! it's simple, relaxing, and doesn't take up storage! also I like the map maker :D


I only discovered this yesterday and I'm already hooked. Thanks, you're a legend; not only is it more streamlined than actual Civ 5, it plays so much more fluidly as well. 

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Buen juego


Game crashes with an error


/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found


Error code [126] when trying to load jvm.dll: Module not found.

Error: failed to load VM runtime library!

Do you know the game c-evo?

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This game is literally Civilization for broke people, and that's why I love it and why I love you. My poor laptop could never handle the graphics of the original series nor do I have the money to buy, and I really hope Steam accepts this game soon! Wishlist this on Steam, people!!!

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Historica ruleset in mods adds much more content im just discovering, get it for more fleshed out policies and techs :)

mods no save. :(


This game is amazing, it's just like civilization, except it's right on my phone. You did a very good job with this game. I left a 5/5 rating on the playstore because this game is super cool.

Anyone of the  civs play like Shoshone?  Aggressive border growth + defensive bonus?


i honestly rather play this game than civ


I don't know why, but if I download a mod or save my gameplay, nothing is saved

The current state of any of your game after each turn is automatically saved.

The save option saves the current state of a game in a file. To load it, use the load option and choose the file where you saved your game.


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use to avoid that.



Owned this on mobile since it first came out. I can't  praise it enough for being what it is. Keep being awesome all who made it possible.


I love this game, true free game, and it runs very well in my "potato" laptop. Core i3-7020U, Intel Graphics HD620, 4GB RAM DDR4-2133MHz, Windows 10 Home 64 bit and a traditional (and very slow) Hard Disk Toshiba. I can recommend for several PCs older or weaker than my laptop, unless your PC is a "very-true-potato". I am waiting for Steam release and I also play it in my smartphone Android 11, without ads, nor in-app purchases.

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the game already has no ads or no in-app purchases and open source

Deleted post

You can play multiplayer games also.


This game is fucking awesome, probably the best free strategy game on mobile and pc


Exe file is not running, please help

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You must run the jar file.

In Windows, you have to extract the zip, open the unzipped folder and open the exe file, and the game will start.

Alternatively, you can also install Java on your system and just use jar files to play.

The zipped version already have java in it so the exe file works.


What about a Mac version?

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Edit: Looks like you can install it on your Mac via this guide ->


Thank you! It works!


Ich benutze MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit.

Die 32bit-Version für Linux funktioniert bei mir nicht. 

Aber schlimmer noch:

Auch die 32 bit MS-Windows-Version lässt sich nicht 

mittels Wine starten.

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