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Where did the world wrap option go? I fresh installed via itch app on Linux Desktop and now it is gone. I really can't be playing a flat earth game.

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Go to options-advancd-experimental and enable it. The world wrap has caused too much troulble like crashing.

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Hmm ... I like the concept, but I really wish the graphics weren't quite so pixellated. Seriously, I think civ 2 had higher resolution. Trying it for the first time, it's hard to know what I'm looking at sometimes, and it's actually physically painful to go full screen.

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Bruh its meant for 2016 iphones

or crappy androids 


i love love love t he graphics! 


Yeah, I'm with you. The graphics are *perfect*.

This game is better than Civ VI, it's just science.


There are mods that change the graphics called tilesets, if i'm not wrong the top mod is a tileset

Huh. Didn't know it could be modded. Where do I find these mods? isn't exactly the nexus. I know I've found a few mods for other games on here but the navigation isn't great.


Above "Options" in the main menu








love it and i wanna fuck the creator


add spys


Such a great game and really cool now that all the units have there own little pixel art soldier to go with them. But I think it would be really cool if the pixel art soldier was shown in the Civilopedia so you could see all the different units. But Great game 10/10


97/100 This civilization 5 remake is awesome. But I think that battle animation is something that is missing.


my request add more damage to nucks   


Nukes already create fallout and deal a load of damage, isn't that enough?




You can mod nukes if you'd like.


ok tell me  the mod


You can refer to the github file in this link.


tell me me how long will it take to add diplomatic victory (take your time but tell the time)


It was added 8 days before you sent that message. Join the Discord server to see update announcements.

but when will they add it


good game


how to get mods



Main menu, "Mods", click on one you want, "Download".


I don't see anything except civ 5 stuff


I can't see it clearly but I believe you do not have access to the internet. Make sure you are connected to it to be able to download mods.

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I do, so how would I be able to be on this website if I  didn't have internet. so I proved that it isn't about wifi that the cause so it is something else.

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Here is the image zoomed in

It says Could not download mod list


Civ 5 on a low budget that can also run on potatoes and has mod compatibility

5/5 stars

this is a THICCC yes 

Where can i download maps?

nice game

i like this game sussy boy 

hello very good games but how do we activate the modes?

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Hi, I'm trying some mods, specially Civ 5 and 6 mods, but when the map generates it misses the hills lol, it's happening to someone else? It's some way to fix this? Looks like the mods are pretty good :(

PD. I'm playing it on Android


The mod is outdated, the problem lies on the developers of the mod.


When I see a vector and a pixel at the same picture, I want to vomit.

Pixel art graphics looks very good but vector interface is terrible, sorry.


I see that the dude who drew the tiles perfectly understood the basic rules of pixel art - he used a fixed palette and no translucencies. But the dude who drew UI doesn't understand those rules at all, which is sad.


This is a good point - although you probably could have said it in a slightly nicer way.


Sorry, mom.


no worries, you are forgiven :)

Which difficulty is hardest? Settler or Deity?

probably diety, in other games with this naming more powerful name = more difficulty

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how do i download this game?? 

Hello, very good game, I would miss the Spanish language but you still have my 5 stars, you are great, continue with your work


The game looks very good functionally.

However, the whole game graphic needs improvement, including the interface graphic.


Your comment looks good structurally.

However, the whole perspective needs improvement, including the gratitude factor.

THIS GAME IS THE #1 TURN BASED STRATEGY GAME FOR MOBILE. The only thing it needs added to it is a golden award. 


(I might be a die hard fan...)

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You're writing a useless comment. I advised her/him to improve the graphics.

You're supposed to be a fan, but you're not helping.

You can show that you are a fan without being brutal.


Just curious, what graphics do you like?

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I can detect with my eyes whether the graphics are beautiful or not.

No need to compare.

And probably the makers of the game know they need to improve the graphics.

I guess they probably focused on the functions while developing the game and then they planned to improve the graphics.

The game doesn't start at all on my Fedora 34 system (tried both 32 bit and 64 bit versions).  Any thoughts?

Have you tried older versions?

Here it works with Flathub version in Fedora 34:

Try it.

Чудесная игра, подверженная удобному и простому моддингу. Спасибо


This Game is like Civilization! But in pixel. Keep up with the good work! 

I need this on mac

When i press install in google playstore it fails

Game crashes on windows 32 at startup.

does it "crash" or just close?

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It immediately closes when you open the game after showing the smiley face. The 32 bit version does not work on my 32 bit laptop for some reason, I also tried playing and downloading the 62 bit version on my 62 bit laptop and it works wonderfully on there tho.


you have outdated openGL i think

Did you download the 32 bit version.

Yep. I downloaded the 32 bit version for my 32 bit laptop and it didn't work. I also tried downloading the 62 bit version on my 62 bit laptop and it did work.

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Is there a way to get it in fullscreen? I really love the game but it not being in fullscreen is really annoying.

just downloaded to windows, both 32 and 64 client, both closes at startup

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 nvm i fixed it.

I'm getting a problem whenever i open the game it immediately closes, any solution to this problem. I'm on the windows version.

I have the same problem.


Playing this game on mobile was really fun, I wasted so many hours with it, my only problem with it is that it it keeps lagging once you make to late game, so I wanted to play this on my laptop, but playing this on a laptop without a mouse is not a fun experience, the UI is annoying since it's very obvious that it was designed for mobile play, even with a mouse it would probably still be a little annoying, I hope that the pc version gets an overhaul to the UI to make it more PC friendly.


How would you suggest that selecting units etc. would work without a mouse or touch? A lot of the game is click-oriented, and I can't think of a way to convert everything to keyboard commands

First, this game is great. Good job!

On my latest game though, the game keeps crashing after I build the Pyramids. I thought the problem might be coming from a mod so I restarted a new game without the mod and the same thing happened. After pressing "End Turn" the game says "waiting for other players..." and then closes itself after some time. I'm on Android on the latest version of the game (3.11.13) 

I wasn't sure if there was another place to report bugs so I just posted it here. 


Deleted 1 year ago

All crashes should be fixed

If not, please notify me and tell me what platform you're on :)

Will there be a fix soon? Not working every time I try to launch it

All crashes should be fixed

If not, please notify me and tell me what platform you're on :)

Hey yairm, still crashes every time I launch it. I'm on a Windows 10 64bit laptop

What version are you on?

Latest version. I'm launching it from the Itch desktop app

It's a great game, but it crashes all the time.

All crashes should be fixed

If not, please notify me and tell me what platform you're on :)

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